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Leather 4-U

Serving Northwest Florida since 1959

Durable Leather Apparel & Accessories

At Leather 4-U of Milton, FL, we pride ourselves in providing some of the best custom leatherwork in the American South.

We create and repair numerous leather products, from holsters and knife sheaths to motorcycle pants.

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Who We Are

Dress in the best leather apparel and accessories around from Leather 4-U, a leather store with locations in Milton and Pensacola, FL. From motorcycle gear to belts, wallets, and purses, we have the best selection of custom leather goods in Florida.

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  1. We provide the highest quality leather products in Florida.
  2. We have more than 50 years' experience in helping create and repair quality leather products.
  3. Every item is unique and guaranteed to be the best.

Dedication, Experience, and Skill

cowboy hats | Leather 4 U

Leather Goods

We provide excellent leather gear perfect for both special occasions and daily life. It does not matter if you are looking for some motorcycle chaps or a leather wallet for a 16th birthday, we have you covered.

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Keeping Leather Strong & Supple

We offer quality leather repairs for everything from daily wear to accidental rips and slashes. With several decades of experience, we have encountered nearly every possible scenario and can easily determine the best way to proceed with the repair.

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top hats | Leather 4 U

Client Base

As providers of some of the best leather products in Florida, we have customized leather goods for clients ranging from motorcycle groups to the police and NASA. Call us today with your custom requests!

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A Proud

When you purchase a leather product from us, you take part in a tradition that goes back more than 50 years. From the day we started, our quality has been recognized as among the best.

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